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Taster Workshops

Come Connect (1hr workshop) and Lunch&Learn (30mins workshops) will give you a good insight into what we offer and how we run our courses.

Beginners and Improvers

6-week courses include painting, wool craft, QiGong, botanical art, seasonal crafts, and will give you the foundation skills to your new hobby and will help you better manage your mental health and wellbeing through art.

“I’ve never done so much in art in my life! It’s been the highlight of my week and I have met some lovely people I will stay in touch with.”
(beginners course Oct.’21)

You will develop your creative thinking and practical art skills to ground yourself in your own personal arts practice.  You will enjoy spending ‘me’-time with like-minded people to learn about art history, contemporary artists and their approach to using materials, to drawing, painting, shaping, sculpting, and we will link this to self-development themes to nurture your creative drive to thrive.


Develop your creative thinking and discover what makes you tick!

6-week courses will build your creative skills to express yourself and will improve your understanding of mental health self-help strategies you can develop through your hobby.

“The course has helped me to process some of my unhelpful beliefs that stopped me from self-caring and connecting to other people.”
(advanced course July’21)

The course includes 1:1 sessions with Arty-Folks’ Wellbeing Coach who will offer you a safe space to discuss any issues with complete confidentiality and will help you make the most of your creative journey.


6-week courses are based around self-development themes designed to stretch you out of your comfort zone and create artwork that tells your story in a most compelling way and leading to positive insights.

“I had never realised before how much my pride in perfection was holding me back and how much stress it was causing me.” (participant July’21)

Courses will open your mind to experimenting and exploring how Art can support your mental health and self-development, and will stretch your comfort zone creatively , mentally, and personally.

The course includes 1:1 sessions with Arty-Folks’ Wellbeing Coach who will offer you a safe space to discuss any issues with complete confidentiality and help you rediscover your strengths to overcome past hurts and difficulties, and to map your own way forward.

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Art for Wellbeing Warwickshire is a programme of workshops and courses funded by Warwickshire County Council who is seeking to support residents struggling with mild to moderate mental health challenges.

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