Warwickshire District Council commissioned Arty-Folks to support residents in Lillington CV32, a multi-faceted neighbourhood which is scoring the highest deprivation in South Warwickshire. Even though much has improved in recent years in this small suburb of Leamington, its negative reputation seems to be clinging on. Over the next 3years we will empower residents to develop an inclusive and exciting programme of creative activities that will ignite Lillington’s community spirit and restore pride of place.

To kickstart creative ideas we invited Lillington Makers to brainstorm and dream big. What we can do together to bring colour and excitement to our streets? Ideas for projects ranged from yarn bombing trees to creating green sculptures for Britain in Bloom, to creating a fairy garden and festive lights. One thing is for sure, we want the artwork to make a splash! We want it to be of high quality, exciting to look at, and above all – fun and enjoyable for all!

As a first project, we have decided to bring all knitters and crocheters together and create funky and uplifting work. You will soon see it brighten up the streets of Lillington and we hope it will start to make residents feel proud to belong to a vibrant and colourful community.

Other ideas include making sculptures out of books, acrylic pouring, murals, mosaic… We are looking forward to hearing your ideas! Come any Monday 1.30pm-3pm to Lillington Library for a chat and a cuppa, or just join in! Workshops are free and we also provide all art material.