Donate to Arty-Folks

No matter what size, your donation will ensure we can help anyone in Coventry and Warwickshire who needs us

One-off Donation

£10 could cover the costs of one art pack that we deliver monthly to members doorsteps

£20 could pay for petrol costs to drive 160 miles to deliver monthly art packs to 50 individuals around Coventry and Warwickshire

Do you have art materials you don't need or want anymore?

Do you have art materials you don’t need or want anymore?

We are always happy to accept acrylics, oil or water colour paints as well as brushes, canvases, paper, art books, etc. In fact, anything that artists might need or want. If we cannot use it for our group work we will make sure it goes to our members who will make good use of it.

Please email us to make arrangements for collection or dropping off info@arty-folks.org.uk

With your help, we will prevent the next generation being caught up in a life of social exclusion and mental distress

Monthly Donation

£1,000 are the annual costs per individual we support to reduce dependence on mental health services and tackle multiple barriers to education and employment that are holding them back.

We need to raise £70,000 each year to run the whole programme that support 150 individuals to improve mental well-being.  This amounts to £467 per person! 

This is not a lot compared to what most charities need to raise, but it is a lot to us!  Unless you specifically tell us otherwise, we will use your donation towards the area of greatest need in our work.

We make every penny count!

Our Finances

More than 90p in every £1 donated to Arty-Folks goes directly towards our work with service users.

We spend less than 10% on premises and overheads such as phone, IT and office costs