The Artists Workshop Series

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Arty-Folks & LTB Showrooms & Sitting Rooms of Culture are collaborating to cultivate a vibrant community of artists, learners, and enthusiasts of all skill levels.

We have commissioned seven talented local artists to share their creative journey, their passion, knowledge, skills, and techniques with people like you and me. You can learn what it takes to become an illustrator, a designer, a painter, a community artist, an experimental photographer, a portrait photographer, or a sculptor working with aluminium. And you never know, they might inspire you to pursue a creative career and follow your passion too!

Artists Jessica Hartshorn, Anthony Greentree, Mark Andrews, Donna Preece-Jones, Tom Godwin, Dikira Art (Diana Stefanescu) and Yusuf Seidu Okus will share their skills and their creative career journey with members of the public. Artists will be running a workshop on their own arts practice during October and November which you can book through our What’s On page soon. The workshops are free and all art materials will be provided.

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