About Us

Arty-Folks reaches out to adults of working age 18+ in Coventry and Warwickshire who are at a low point in life and are struggling with mental health challenges.

Why we are needed

Art is a powerful tool

and able to spark that human
drive to explore, to learn, and
against all odds to succeed.

A medical diagnosis can offer relief at start by naming the problem but on the other hand can disempower by labelling and by putting the spotlight on a person’s deficits and disorders which can only further perpetuate their negative self-beliefs.

Our Finances

We make every penny count!

More than 90p in every £1 donated to Arty-Folks goes directly towards our work with service users.

Our Story

How it all began

Arty-Folks was founded in November 1995 by a user of mental health services in collaboration with a community artist and we ran our first workshop on 25th April 1996.

Arty-Folks was founded in November 1995 by a user of mental health services who felt disempowered by his diagnosis, ‘managed’ by the medical profession, and written off by society in collaboration with a community artist.

Mission and Values

Recovery is a journey

We help people develop new meaning and purpose in life beyond a medical diagnosis.

“Arty-Folks has provided me with an outlet and a way to step back from life and all its difficulties, and through my artwork get some clarity and put things into perspective.”

We began 1995 as a peer support and recreational art group and today we run a ground-breaking Art for Therapy program.

Meet our Team

Arty-Folks needs You

We are always looking for skilled individuals to support our staff team as Advisers or Trustees and we would like to hear from you!

Today our programme combines four elements that we have found to be essential to empower people on their recovery journey and to make strides in life:
• Art for Self-Development
• 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring
• Peer Companionship
• Time to process life experiences


Striving for excellence

Arty-Folks was awarded the
Quality Marks
PQASSO and Investors in Volunteering.