What we offer

We believe every single person can be inspired to live fearlessly and connected to a community, and so ultimately feel fulfilled.

Arty-Folks reaches out to adults of working age 18+ in Coventry and Warwickshire who feel at a low point in life and who are struggling with mental ill health.

The people we support are suffering with a wide range of conditions including

  • diagnosed or self-diagnosed mental ill health and conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD
  • long-term and complex mental health conditions such as psychosis, PTSD, schizophrenia, eating disorders and other personality disturbances
  • who will not contact mental health services fearing prejudice and the stigma that comes with a diagnosis
  • who are assessed as below the threshold for statutory services but are still struggling to function
  • employees on sick leave and at risk of escalating mental stress
  • discharged from mental health hospitals and are looking to rebuild their lives

Please note that we are not able to support people in acute crisis, or with ongoing cognitive learning difficulties including Dementia, Alzheimer Disease, or complex Autism, as well as people with an unmanaged alcohol or drug dependence.

Online Courses

Free short courses and workshops you can book through Eventbright or the Coventry Recovery and Wellbeing Academy.

Employment Support

For people wishing to start employment, education or volunteering we have started running a weekly Creative Peer Support group.

More information to follow soon!

Social Media

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Our online Creative Peer Support group has just started meeting once a month at a coffee shop. More information to come soon!

Watch this space!

See the courses and events we are running and how to book a place.

People's Journeys

We are immensely proud of our members’ success stories.