What we offer

Warwickshire County Council has commissioned Arty-Folks to support adults 18+ of working age who feel at a low point in life and those wanting to support their wellbeing through an extensive programme of art and mental health courses.

We are proud to be offering Creative Arts on Referral a programme of workshops and courses designed to increase your creative skills as well as your mental health awareness and wellbeing.

Workshops and Courses January-March 2021

At present courses are run online using Zoom but we are hoping in the near future to hold classes in venues across Warwickshire, Covid-19 allowing.

Start your journey at COME CONNECT, a fortnightly 1hour online workshop that offers a good introduction to Creative Arts on Referral courses and workshops and will help you enrol on the course suited to your needs.

Art for Relaxation Art before Work

Short introductory courses to build your foundation art and mental health skills.  These will  prepare you for the 6-week course of your choice and will inspire you to a journey of self-development and personal growth through Art.

Enrol on a 6-week course to continue your creative journey.  Learn about art history, contemporary artists, and gain skills, knowledge, and understanding of techniques and processes that will help you develop your personal arts practice.

A Creative Peer Support group for those who completed the whole Creative Arts on Referral journey and are preparing to start volunteering, employment or education.

A top-up course for people who completed their Creative Arts on Referral journey that will help cement the link between Art and Mental Health and intensify your personal arts practice.

People's Journeys

Our members personal stories of recovery will instill you with hope that, no matter how dark, there is definitely light at the end of a tunnel.

Creative Arts on Referral is a programme of workshops and courses funded by Warwickshire County Council who is seeking to support residents struggling with mild to moderate mental health challenges.

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