PQASSO Quality Assurance Award

Arty-Folks was awarded PQASSO Quality Mark level 1 in February 2015 by the Charities Evaluation Service.  After completing a 12 months review of all our processes and procedures an independent examiner reviewed our progress and reported:

“Arty-Folks is a small but extremely effective charity that is particularly good at defining its aims and objectives, monitoring and evaluating its outcomes, involving and developing its service users and meeting their and its funders’ needs.

It has a clear commitment to quality and has adopted a systematic and all-inclusive approach to PQASSO self-assessment and quality improvement. Those interviewed were very clear about the improvements that had been produced. It meets the PQASSO Level 1 standard at all respects in all twelve quality areas.”

Investors in Volunteering Award

In June 2019 Arty-Folks are awarded the quality mark ‘Investors in Volunteering’ by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations after demonstrating best practice in all aspects of working with our volunteers. We are so proud of our team of amazing volunteers who worked with us to achieve this award for excellent volunteer management.

Peter Smith, assessor NCVO: “Arty-Folks commitment to volunteering being a two-way process was brought out in my interviews with all volunteers. Staff and volunteers have a shared understanding and there is a strong sense throughout the charity that you’re moving forward as a team for the benefit of your service users.”