Meet the Team

Are you looking to take the next step on your career?

We are looking for a talented

Chief Executive Officer

You will be a level-headed people-person and provide leadership and operational oversight that ensure Arty-Folks continues to grow and meet ever increasing demand, while maintaining the high quality of our services.  

Working Hours: 22.5hrs (3days)

Salary: £36,000 pro rata (£21,600)

No deadline: Submit your CV and covering letter to info@arty-folks.org.uk

We are seeking a dynamic

Digital Marketing Coordinator

You are passionate about the Visual Arts and Mental Health and you  enjoy working collaboratively on new ideas and campaigns that will change people’s minds and hearts.

Working Hours: 30hrs (4days)

Salary: £23,350 pro rata (£18,680)

Deadline: by 14th June email CV and Cover Letter, no more than 2 pages to info@arty-folks.org.uk

Meet the Arty-Folks Staff Team

Lorella Medici, CEO&Wellbeing Mentor

BA Hons Fine Art, supported a group of mental health services users to start Arty-Folks as a creative peer support group in 1995, and has continued to work for the charity ever since.

Lorella is now seeking to step down from her role and enjoy a well-deserved retirement after 28years serving Arty-Folks!

Liz Harvey, Art Programme

BA Hons Illustration at Coventry University. Liz manages the art programme and leads the group workshops.  She also helps our members to build their art portfolio for college/University courses.

“Art allows us to connect to other people in a positive and personal way.  It helps us recognise our uniqueness whilst also enabling us to bond with like-minded people.  That’s when healing begins.”

Tasz Bailey, Peer Recovery Worker

Bsc Hons Dietetics graduate and artist, Tasz has experience in clinical and creative fields she now uses to support participants on their journey to recovery and to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

“There is a strong link between physical and mental health, and in my role I aim to empower our members to overcome hurdles in their lives and make lifestyle choices that strengthen their recovery.”


Christopher Spicer, REACH Peer Support Worker

A self-taught artist, has a science background and worked for many years as laboratory technician.  Chris is now supporting adults with severe mental health needs to reduce dependence on NHS services.

“Attending Arty-Folks allowed me to express my inner self within a supportive and understanding community.  It was a revelatory experience and gave ma great sense of achievement.  Now I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve as Peer Support Worker and help my peers progress along their own mental health journeys.”

Hayley Cartwright, Company Secretary

Board & CEO support, part-time
Hayley provides business planning support to the CEO and Board of Trustees enabling Arty-Folks to move ahead with ambitious plans backed by thorough analysis.

“I first volunteered with Arty Folks in 2017, impressed with the success of their art programme proven by solid metrics.  I love working with a fantastic team knowing that Arty Folks’ work has a lasting impact.”

“There is always a way forward but sometimes we get so frustrated we can’t see the wood for the trees. 

That’s when Arty-Folks offers that allround support that breaks down what appears insurmountable into manageable  chunks.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees acts in the best interests of our charity and is responsible for complying with charity law requirements and strategic forward planning that clearly delivers public benefit, in line with our constitution. The Board of Trustees also manages our resources responsibly and maintains appropriate financial controls – identifying organisational risks and supporting the Staff Team to mitigate these.

Come and join our team!

We are always looking for skilled and passionate professionals to join our Board of Trustees.  We are at an exciting and challenging point in our life having been awarded a transformative contract to deliver Art for Wellbeing by Warwickshire County Council to people with low to moderate mental health needs.

To download the Trustee Welcome Pack click here and the latest Annual Report here.

Peter Young, Chair

Peter Young is a Director at Arup, an international consultancy where he leads on software projects, is the global leader of Arup’s Ventures program and serves on the firm’s pro-bono and charitable activity. Peter has extensive experience of charity governance, having been a trustee of Medecins sans Frontieres for 6 years, including as vice chair of MSF-UK and member of the governing Council of MSF’s operational centre in Amsterdam.

“I came across Arty Folks by accident and was impressed by the commitment of the team and their considerable experience, built up over many years, supporting people in and around Coventry.  Sadly, there is a considerable need for mental health services in our community and I’m proud to see the positive impact of Arty-Folks’ work.  I have no artistic ability whatsoever, but am delighted that I am able to support Arty Folks, and who knows, some of the artyness may rub off.”

Dr. Laura Wilde, Vice-Chair

Laura is a researcher in health psychology at Coventry University in the Centre for Intelligent Healthcare.  Her research focuses on understanding the experiences and perspectives of people with COPD and developing wearable technology to manage chronic health conditions.  Laura has experienced Arty Folks from within, starting as a service user to becoming a part-time employee and now supporting the team as vice-chair on the Board of Trustees.

“I’ve learnt so much on my mental health journey with Arty-Folks including how important it is to do what you enjoy and love. Life is too short and I’ve learnt that I actually do have a choice with how I want to spend my time on this earth.  As Trustee my focus is on supporting our amazing staff team to walk the extra mile for our service users whilst also taking care of their own wellbeing.”


Dan Sharkey, Treasurer

Currently a Bank Manager living in the Midlands.  Dan became a Mentor to Arty-Folks in 2018 and supported staff to develop their digital strategy and social media confidence, and stayed in touch with the team ever since.

“As long-term supporter of the charity and now as Treasurer I am keen to see the charity grow in a sustainable manner and succeed in reaching the most vulnerable and isolated in our society.  I love cycling and walking but you won’t find me with a pencil or paint brush in hand!”

Dr. Mike Baker

Mike is a practicing GP and ICB Medical Director for NHS Birmingham and Solihull.  With years of clinical experience and understanding of the NHS, Mike brings invaluable advice to Arty Folks as we work to ensure our services meet demand.

William Bryan, Comms/Outreach

Bill’s career has seen him running various aspects of a large-scale well-known visitor attraction, and for the last 7 years he was the Managing Director of Drayton Manor.  As a specialist in customer experience & journey and team creation and engagement Bill  knows how important it is to have and promote good mental health and wellbeing.

“The creative adult is the child who survived-(Walt Disney), is a favourite quote of mine; and one that sprung immediately to mind when I learned about Arty Folks’ social impact.  And working alongside the team I also get a chance to scratch my arty itch!”

Miho Taka, Service User Engagement

Miho previously worked in the private and 3rd sector, and today is Assistant Professor, at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University.

“Our lives are connected globally.  As educator and researcher in the field of peace and sustainability I am researching the use of natural resources and how it is connected to violent conflict.  However, my first degree is in Fine Art which led me to Arty-Folks during the post-Covid era of global uncertainty and war.  I wanted to rediscover the magic of art to counter balance the pressures of academia.”