Art Workshop – Peer Volunteers

We offer volunteering at our art workshops to our own service users who are in a position to help others and who are looking to progress to volunteering in the community, to start education or employment.

“Talking to Peer Volunteers has inspired me and filled me with hope.  They have been through similar experiences and it’s such a relief to know there will be a light at the end of my dark tunnel too. ”

Art Workshop – CUSU Art Students

We offer 10 week placements to 2nd year art students at Coventry University who wish to explore working in a community setting.  Art students can boost their employability and gain invaluable insight into how the visual arts can support people to rebuild their lives.  We only consider applications received through CUSU Coventry University Student Union.

Being part of Arty-Folks team is an amazing opportunity to join
a small grass-roots charity that is making a real difference
in the wider Coventry area.

Operations Group Volunteers

We are always looking for advisers with specific skills and expertise to support our team of staff and peer volunteers.  The Operations Group meets four times a year to help us realise business plans.  If you are interested in volunteering with us please email your CV to

To learn more about our current Team and how they are supporting Arty-Folks

Everyone who works and volunteers for Arty-Folks is passionate about art and mental well-being and will go the extra mile to support our members and our charity to thrive.

Board of Trustees Volunteer

Arty-Folks is a small grass-roots charity with a huge ambition to empower people with mental ill health to rebuild their lives and reach their potential.

We are always looking to appoint new Trustees to the Board and if you can offer particular expertise in areas such as finance, legal, NHS/CCG, local authority, IT, HR, Health and Social Care, fundraising and corporate sponsorship we would like to hear from you!  Please email your CV to

Our Board of Trustees meets quarterly and serves as Arty-Folks’ governing body.  Our Trustees discuss and make decisions in the best interests of our charity and they are collectively responsible for ensuring Arty-Folks is well run and serves the people we are here to support.