Unseen Stories Vol.II

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Thanks to a Coventry City Council Arts Panel grant we were finally able to fulfil one of our long-held ambitions and offer our members the opportunity to create films supported by experienced local artists. We employed professional film makers in Coventry to help our members find their creative voice and tell their story with dignity and privacy through film, video, and animation. 

To start ‘Unseen Stories Vol.II‘ our members invited talented and experienced local film makers to lead taster workshops on their personal arts practice, and share their skills and visual story-telling. In their workshop artists charted their career journey, showcased their work, and then led a workshop with two of our Creative Peer Support groups.

  • Shiam Wilcox – pinhole camera
  • Liz Harvey – 2D stop-motion animation
  • Ana Jesus – time lapse
  • Pavani Konda – colour in film making
  • Gemma Foy – 3D stop-motion animation
  • No Class – story boarding
Watch the short film of Artist-led taster workshops.

Following on, our members chose to work with No Class for the full 10-week project. We all felt confident their team of artists would bring a huge range of skills and experiences to build the creative confidence of our members, volunteers and staff.

Watch the short film of No Class workshops here.

Unseen Stories Vol.II

Covid-19 may have levelled the stigma around stress, depression and anxiety somewhat and we can discuss how we feel a lot more openly now.  But does that also apply to more severe illnesses like psychosis, personality disorders, or schizophrenia which are still very misunderstood and even feared?

It’s not a well-known fact that many who have been diagnosed with substantial mental illnesses actually do make a full recovery with the help of family, friends, services and mental health support groups like Arty-Folks.  But how can you tell your mental health recovery journey in a positive and constructive way without feeling exposed and vulnerable to ridicule, judgement, discrimination, and risking your prospects for the future? 

With the support of the No Class team, ‘Unseen Stories Vol.II’ become a collection of powerful short films through which our members talk about their mental health experiences, how it affects their daily lives, and how being creative with like-minded people supports their recovery journey. 

Watch the collection of 15 stories on Arty-Folks Youtube channel.

Note that ‘Unseen Stories Vol.I’ is in printed format and available on Amazon. Created in 2019, it charts the remarkable journey to recovery of nine members aged 18 to 30 years old through their artwork and blogs.

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