Upcoming Lillington Makers @library

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  •  30/04/2024
     10:00 - 11:30
  •  07/05/2024
     10:00 - 11:30
  •  14/05/2024
     10:00 - 11:30
  •  21/05/2024
     10:00 - 11:30

Arts&Crafts with LILLINGTON MAKERS at Lillington Library, Valley Rd, Lillington CV32 7SJ

Living in Lillington and looking to join a friendly group of arty people?  You are most welcome to join us any week by booking or just drop-in.  Every week we will try a different craft or technique guided by experienced artists who will support you step by step to develop your skills.  So far we have learnt crochet, macrameé, tin art, drawing, water colour, diamond art, and made bunting…. and we have lots of ideas for exciting projects.

Come and meet new people!  Learn new skills and have some fun!

Level of difficulty:
from beginners to experienced.

Workshop date and times:
Tuesday 9th April, 10am-11.30am
Tuesday 16th April,, 10am-11.30am
Tuesday 23th April, 10am-11.30am
Tuesday 30th April, 10am-11.30am
Tuesday 7th May, 10am-11.30am
Tuesday 14th May, 10am-11.30am
Tuesday 21st May, 10am-11.30am

To join NOTE: We welcome all adult residents who live or work in Lillington, and those who have family/friends in Lillington they visit regularly.

All workshops are completely free and we provide all materials, and refreshments!

What you will learn:

  • a wide range of arts&crafts from all corners of the world, and we will help you create your own original designs
  • 2D projects painting, drawing, collage, glass painting, etc. that will give you the skills and confidence to pursue your hobby at home
  • 3D sculptures and artifacts using a wide range of materials

What creative ideas  do you have to bring colour and excitement to Lillington?
Lillington Makers are inviting all local crafters to help us create vibrant and colourful artwork for our community and brighten up our streets.
You can join us any Tuesday 10am-11.30am at Lillington library during term-time.

Join us for a crafty cuppa and stay for as long or as little as you want!

We are looking for your ideas to bring residents together in exciting community activities.  So let us know what arts&crafts you enjoy and would you want to learn next.  It could be yarn bombing trees, woodwork,  stitching, soldering, painting, stone carving, sculpture, textile, collage, or creating green sculptures for Britain in Bloom, and creating a fairy garden and festive lights, making garden furniture out of pallets, murals…..  We want to empower residents to develop an inclusive and exciting programme of activities that will ignite Lillington’s community spirit and restore pride of place.



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