10th October World Mental Health Day 2020

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Arty-Folks and Chat Central in collaboration are hosting ‘Come Connect’, Coventry’s 1st Super-Zoom Community Speed-Meeting event with 12 local groups on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2020.

It’s the one day a year where mental health is taking the centre stage around the globe and this year the World Health Organisation is appealing for more resources to be invested. Hmmm!  Realistically, it would be nothing short of a miracle U-turn if after the economic hemorrhage of Covid-19 governments would pump money into mental health services they had squeezed dry during the last recession.  

We need to take more than just a day to pause and reflect:  This August 2020 more people have died committing suicide than of Covid19, and services are bracing themselves for a mental health tsunami in the coming months as the future remains nebulous.  A culture of working in silos is also adding pressure on services and is preventing people from accessing help that is available in the voluntary and community sector.  

Luckily, at least in Coventry, the community sector is stepping into the gap, is picking up the slack, and is breaking the mould.   Community groups are brilliant at using what they’ve got and making the most of it by working in collaboration, by forming extended networks of support for people in distress, by reducing social isolation and loneliness and by providing information and signposting to a wide range of informal and non-invasive opportunities to increase health and wellbeing.

And a lot of support is on offer in Coventry and Warwickshire as ‘Come Connect’ demonstrates!  For the first time ever, members of the public can ‘speed-meet’ in a Super-Zoom with 12 community groups who are running social groups and activities for people in Coventry and Warwickshire.  Connecting and bonding with like-minded people has never been more important than right now as we are seeing the ‘Blues Brothers’ anxiety and depression gripping into people as the dark months are setting in.  

2020 has so far a truly dystopian experience for every person around the globe, no matter where, no matter what background.  But it is also giving us a chance to press the reset button and do things better to support our friends, our loved ones, and people around us in our community.  By working together we will come through this incredible phase in our lives stronger, connected and more resilient together.

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Come Connect

Arty-Folks and Chat Central (VAC) collaborated for World Mental Health...

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