Fine Art to Wellbeing

Warwickshire County Council has commissioned Arty-Folks to support residents 18+ of working age who feel at a low point in life and those wanting to support their wellbeing through an extensive programme of art and mental health courses.

We are proud to be offering Art for Wellbeing Warwickshire a programme of workshops and courses designed to increase your creative skills as well as your mental health awareness and wellbeing.

"This course definitely goes a little bit deeper but I felt safe in the group as I had already met them in the previous course. I got so much out of it, so many little gems of insight! It has rekindled my passion in art and in my own personal recovery journey."

We think about creativity as making something new and original, but in fact the root meaning of creativity means ‘to grow’.

With your consent, Arty-Folks Wellbeing Coach will contact you 3-6months after you completed your course for a catch up.  Hopefully you will have made good progress developing your personal arts practice. and feel ready to enrol on the Fine Art to Wellbeing, a short top-up course designed for people who completed their Creative Arts on Referral journey.

The Fine Art to Wellbeing offers you 3-workshops to explore how you can further enhance your self-help and creative strategies that will help you maintain mental wellbeing and a good work-life balance.

You will explore how Art can help you look at things from a fresh perspective, to better understand your own thoughts and feelings, and map a different way forward.  We will guide you through creative exercises step by step without pressure as there is no defined image you need to achieve by the end of the course.

Attendance at this course is for those who completed a 6-week course and is by invite only.

You will need

  • good Internet connection/Wifi
  • mobile or laptop/PC with video and microphone
  • sheets of white A4 paper
  • pencil and rubber
  • colour pencils or felt tips
  • glue (ideally a glue stick)
  • Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper in print
  • a comfortable and safe space you can work undisturbed

On completion you can discuss with the Arty-Folks Wellbeing Coach how to continue developing your arts and mental health practice.  We will provide you with information about creative opportunities in Coventry and Warwickshire you might want to try.  If you are seeking to start volunteering, employment, or education you can discuss continuing your creative self-development journey with New Perspectives, Arty-Folks’ creative peer support group.