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With a heavy heart we have accepted that we need to stop all our weekly art groups and outreach activities in person until we receive further government guidance.

We are very worried about the need for social distancing and isolating and the impact it is going to have on people’s mental health. During this pandemic the support to people with mental ill health is insufficient and we don’t feel that much consideration is given to how social isolation is hightening the risk of self-injury and suicide.

Most face-to-face support networks in Coventry have already shut down to prevent the virus from spreading and we believe the country is soon going into lockdown, like other countries have already done.

However, we will continue running our weekly art groups with our members ONLINE. We recognise this is not the same at all, but it’s the best we can do for now.

We will also continue offering 1:1 coaching and mentoring to our members when their mental health is showing signs of serious decline to avoid sectioning and hospitalisation.

You may not be aware, but the government is set to make emergency changes to the mental health act that will enable a doctor to detain a person they deem at risk to themselves or others without time limits. Currently two doctors are required under the Act to carry out an assessment, one of which has to be a “section 12” approved doctor, but new legislation is likely to allow for just one doctor. While we understand the basic premise of this legislation we are very worried what many of our members could be sectioned instead of receiving the treatment and support they need

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