Arty-Folks uses science-backed creative strategies to help you calm your body, cope with your emotions, change your thinking patterns, and re-connect with your authentic self.

Following on from the 3-week introduction to Arty-Folks studios, people who can benefit from our longer-term support join our programme of Creative Peer Support groups that are structured into stepping stones towards recovery.

Joining Arty-Folks Creative Peer Support programme is very much dependent on completing the 3-week intro course, availability of spaces, and our ability to meet your needs.

You will learn art processes and techniques that will empower your visual and verbal communication skills and assertiveness.  Arty-Folks’ Creative Peer Support Groups are not just a vehicle for self-expression; they offer a means for honest self-reflection that transforms into increased self-acceptance.

Sharing life experiences through the creative process with a community of like-minded peers is empowering and promotes a culture of hope.  Through art people learn from each other’s viewpoints and support each other to embrace change through challenging times, and to thrive rather than just survive.

A medical diagnosis can offer relief at start but it does not define who you truly are.  Person-centred mentoring will help you discover that underneath all those deficits and shortcomings, a unique individual is seeking to reclaim a sense of self and control of their life and future.

Arty-Folks art projects encourage you to self reflect, learn about yourself, unlearn old ways of being that don’t serve you anymore, and consciously recreate yourself.

Facing our emotions and self-limiting beliefs can be scary. We all need a safe space to heal and feel supported along the way.  Arty-Folks Creative Peer Support groups offer you just that – support to push through challenges and a safe space to heal.

I lost everything!

Being with your peers who understand what you are going through  is very healing and allows us to ourselves from a different perspective. 

J.J.’s story: “As the pandemic went on I realised I was regressing and becoming trapped again in my own home.”

Success at last!

Arty-Folks art projects are designed to help you self-reflect and design your own way forward.

L.W.’s story: “I would like to say I have not been very successful at formal education but it would be a huge understatement!”