Creative Arts Practice

Warwickshire County Council has commissioned Arty-Folks to support adults 18+ of working age who feel at a low point in life and those wanting to support their wellbeing through an extensive programme of art and mental health courses.

We are proud to be offering Creative Arts on Referral a programme of workshops and courses designed to increase your creative skills as well as your mental health awareness and wellbeing.

"I like the way art is linked to mental health. It is helping me to better understand how I feel and also to talk to other people about it."

Creative Arts Practice are 6-week development courses that will develop your art skills , your art and mental health awareness, and will give you the tools to ground yourself in your own personal arts practice.

You will enjoy spending ‘me’-time with like-minded people to learn about art history, contemporary artists and their approach to using materials, to drawing, painting, shaping, sculpting, and we will link this to self-development themes to nurture your creative drive to thrive.

To enrol on these courses you must be living in Warwickshire.  You must have completed the Art for Relaxation or Art before Work course  as these will give you the basic art and mental health tools that we will further develop during the 6 weeks.  The Arty-Folks Wellbeing Coach will help you choose your course and will email you the code to enrol through our Calendar page.

Develop your Creative Arts Practice and discover what makes you tick!

The most important thing is that you have an open mind to experiment, explore how Art can support your mental health and self-development, and stretch your comfort zone creatively , mentally, and personally.

The course includes 1:1 sessions with Arty-Folks’ Wellbeing Coach who will offer you a safe space to discuss any issues with complete confidentiality and will help you make the most of your creative journey.

With support you will be able to rediscover your strengths, personal qualities, aspirations and ambitions that will enable you to overcome past hurts and difficulties, and to map your own way forward.

Once you have enrolled we will post an art pack to you with basic materials for the course you have chosen and we will provide you with a list of additional materials you will need to purchase yourself.

“The course has helped me to process some of my unhelpful beliefs that stopped me from self-caring and connecting to other people. It's been the highlight of my week and I have met some lovely people I will stay in touch with.”