Art for Relaxation

Art before or after Work

Art for Relaxation courses combine Art with Mindfulness techniques that can help you step back when you are feeling stressed and catch your breath in ‘me’-time, and offer practical and creative tools that can fit into our busy lives.

"Even if you don't think you are creative give it a go, because the course is about relaxing in the company of like-minded people and switching off from worrying, rather than becoming the next Picasso!"

With people’s busy lives in mind, we have designed our courses around different needs and time constraints:

  • Art for Relaxation is a 3-week day-time 2-hour course we run mornings or afternoons for people who are feeling isolated
  • for Teachers and educational staff  we offer a 3-week course 1-hour late afternoons
  • Art before Work is designed for people in employment who are feeling a sense of dread and anxiety on a Sunday before the working week starts.  4 Mondays  for 30 minute workshops 8.30am-9.00am.
  • Art after Work, a 3-week course 1-hour for people in employment who are struggling to switch off at the end of a stressful day.

Art for Relaxation are short courses for adults in Coventry and Warwickshire who are feeling stressed and are experiencing mental health challenges that are holding them back in the here and now.

Each workshop will show you a different creative techniques that can help you step back when you are feeling stressed and create a soothing and relaxing space. It doesn’t matter whether you are talented and creative, or haven’t done any art since school. Our friendly and experienced staff will help you relax and create your own artwork in easy steps.

To attend the course you will need

  • good Internet connection/Wifi
  • Zoom app on mobile or laptop/PC with video and microphone
  • sheets of white A4 paper
  • scissors
  • pencil and black biro/marker
  • colour pencils or felt tips
  • glue (ideally a glue stick)
  • head phones
  • a comfortable and safe space you can work undisturbed

All course and workshops we run are live and not recorded.  We believe the Internet is saturated enough with images and videos you can access any time you want.

What we humans are missing and craving most since the Covid-19 pandemic started is the warmth of human contact.  We won’t be able to run face-to-face art classes for a (hopefully) little while longer we can connect in a meaningful way even through digital platforms.

Please note that our courses are not designed for practitioners development or CPD.

Art for Relaxation courses offer you a good introduction to Arty-Folks’ approach to Art for Mental Health and Wellbeing and are designed to increase your creative skills as well as your mental health self-awareness and ability to map a different way forward.

When you complete an Art for Relaxation course you will become an Art for Wellbeing Graduate and you will receive invites by email to

If you have never used Zoom before or are just feeling very anxious or just need help to get started please let us know. We are happy to go through it with you and show you how Zoom works individually. Please call us on 074 436 436 34.

“I wasn’t convinced that an art class on Zoom could be a good experience.  But I decided to try it as I felt so cut off from everyone and so depressed like I’ve never felt before.

To my surprise I did enjoy it very much and it has opened new doors for me.  The people were lovely and it really didn’t take long to chat and have normal conversations.  Well, nearly normal.”

“I wouldn’t have joined an art class face-to-face before.  But now, that I have met people on Zoom and I know how good it can be, I think I will when this pandemic is finally easing off.”

“I always wanted to know how to make a dream catcher. The video was easy to follow and I had so much fun with my granddaughter making it.”

Not the right time for you to join a course?

This YouTube video shows you  step-by-step how to relax and make a dream catcher with natural materials you can find on a walk.

Art for Wellbeing Warwickshire is commissioned by Warwickshire County Council who is seeking to support residents 18+ of working age who feel at a low point in life and those wanting to support their mental health and wellbeing.