The Fine Art to Wellbeing

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We run The Fine Art to Wellbeing, a free 3 week course, for the Coventry Recovery and Wellbeing Academy CWPT_RAWAcademy and this May we ran it for the first time ONLINE using Zoom!

Pre-Covid19 we would have run workshops face-to-face in the same room and we really didn’t know what it would be like to work together in a ‘Zoom’. Yes, we were super excited and Yes, we were completely frazzled out too! As you might expect, it really isn’t the same but it did work surprisingly well.

This is the feedback of one participant who needed a lot of encouragement to come online:

The three ‘zoom’ sessions have given me confidence in trying some new art/craft so that has been very positive. It’s been good to have a first experience of Arty-Folks and thank you for your encouragement. I look forward to being able to contact you again when we’re the better side of this Covid-19 situation. In the meantime I’ve discovered the Arty-Folks Facebook page and plan this weekend to start trying your ‘homework’ ideas from there – thank you.

We have added new Course Dates

June            15.6. /  22.6. / 29.6.      1pm-3pm fully booked
July             13.7.  / 20.7. /  27.7.      1pm-3pm
August        10.8.  / 17.8. /  24.8.     1pm-3pm
September 14.9.  / 21.9. /  28.9.     1pm-3pm

To enrol visit:

The Fine Art to Wellbeing is designed to help you better recognise stress and we will show you creative techniques to understand thoughts and feelings from a different perspective, to express yourself and so relax mentally and emotionally.

Course Requirements:

  • As the course is online you will need access to either a laptop, tablet or smartphone with adequate data or Wi-Fi capability.
  • Art materials you will need: white paper, pencil, colour pencils, scissor, any glue, magazines or newspapers.

This Covid19 pandemic has shown us that maintaining connections with people in any shape or form is what will get us through hard times. More than ever do we need opportunities to connect to other like-minded people to help us bridge that feeling of isolation we are now all carrying. But we know that many do not have the digital skills and equipment needed to join online communities and we are presently looking into how we can help. 

If you would like to join our course but are not able to please email us to

You might also want to explore other courses the Coventry Recovery & Wellbeing Academy offers to promote personal development and self-management of mental health conditions. All courses are free and open to anyone over the age of 18 living in Coventry and Warwickshire.

The Art of Relaxation

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