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Arty-Folks23 hours ago
Have you ever read ‘the Artist’s Way’ by J.Cameron?

Well, whatever you think of it, her advice to set time aside to nurture our “creative consciousness” is spot on to help keep our stress at bay and lighten our mood!

To start you off on your weekly ‘artist’s date’ with yourself we have two courses coming up

Crafts for your Garden, 6-week online crafting with wool and other materials
Staring on 31st Jan. 1pm-3pm
To find out more:

Uniquely Vincent, 6-week online painting course starting on 2nd Feb 10am-12pm
Learn about his life and how art helped him to cope with social isolation.
to find out more:

In a recent interview J.Cameron said, “Many of us are trapped indoors, we’re restless, we’re feeling claustrophobic, …we’re feeling that events are beyond our control,” Cameron recommended the exercises in The Artist’s Way as a method of gaining “confidence, security, enthusiasm and hopefully a little bit of frivolity. Right now we desperately need frivolity.”
Arty-Folks2 days ago
Get inspired by the Art and life of Vincent van Gogh 🎨

Vincent van Gogh is today one of the best loved artists worldwide but loneliness is what he experienced most of his life. He never made a penny and he was completely dependent on his brother. He was one of the most prolific painters but why? What did he get out of it?

🎨 2nd Feb 10am-12pm join our ****Uniquely Vincent**** 6-week free online course.
Learn about his life and how art helped him to cope with social isolation.
Step-by-step you will learn his painting technique and complete your own landscape.
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3 weeks ago
Amazing how much people's art skill improve in just 6 weeks!

Painting for Pleasure starts Tues.11th January
at Bedworth Heath Community Centre, 10.30pm-12.00pm, in-person
or Zoom 10am-11.30am

@CWPT_IAPT @wcc_communities
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