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Arty-Folks1 week ago
Can you help Sarah?

Sarah is a psychology student at Cov.Uni and for her final dissertation she needs willing volunteers of mixed-race background.

"In a short interview I would like to find out more about your life experiences that you believe have affected your identity whether that is parenting, culture, education, language, etc.

I am from Malaysia and I have been studying in Coventry for the past 2years which has been really challenging because of Covid but also because it has made me reflect on my identity and how it (me) have been shaped by these external circumstances.

Time to complete my dissertation is fast running out and I would really appreciate your time and support. I'm happy to meet you online or in person for coffee&cake. Please email me
Arty-Folks2 weeks ago
*🌸* A Passion for Plants *🌼*
6-week evening course 7pm-9pm for people in employment
starting tomorrow 12th Oct.

There's room in the zoom for 2 more!

The course is designed for complete beginners and as well as those who would like to further develop their painting skills.

Inspired by Botanical Artists and artist Georgia O’Keefe you will learn to collage, draw and paint with acrylics from observation and to use your passion for plants to express yourself. This is quite a fast-paced course focusing on colour with a different project each week.


2 weeks ago
*** QiGong starting tomorrow morning 10am-12pm ***

Enjoy the combo of physical movement, creative imagining, and art skills development that will help you relax mentally and physical, and deeply tune into your positive energy.

Thank you for RT