Your Life Matters

through our courses we are seeing individuals enrolling and wanting to learn new skills but drop-out rate being high, with anxiety and depression having hit unprecedented levels and many expressing suicidal thoughts.  We are experiencing a clear shift towards individuals needing short-term 1:1 support to break down barriers particularly during early evening hours when individuals feel inescapable loneliness and social isolation most.

developing a helpline 7pm-9pm offering support and information to individuals in need

  • employing an experienced counsellor on a sessional basis to supervise staff and volunteers supporting individuals at risk
  • running an evening peer support group to reduce social isolation
  • working with SOBS Coventry to develop a new evening online course for families and friends of those at risk of suicide

 The helpline will be confidential and is intended to provide short-term emotional support to overcome barriers to connecting with appropriate services.

looking to develop a suicide awareness course that uses creative means to build connections targeted at family and friends of love ones who are struggling with mental ill health and who could be at risk.


When you feel trapped in a bleak spot it may be difficult to see that your life does matter and that people around you care about you.

Unfortunately, your loved ones may be feeling out of their depth and scared to say or do the wrong thing.   It might be more helpful to talk to people with experience, some of whom have personal experience of suicidal thoughts and will be able to understand where you are coming from.

Click here to download a full list of helplines and support agencies that will help you through these dark times.