New Perspectives

New Perspectives is a Zoom&Room group for people who completed their Creative Arts on Referral journey and are now seeking to progress to education, employment, or volunteering.

With a bit of help you might just achieve what you never thought possible!

By developing your creative practice you can develop new meaning and purpose in your life so that troubling past and present experiences are allowed to recede into the background.    You can enjoy learning new skills and being creative with a small group of Peers in the Zoom before progressing to enjoying their company in the Room.

Volunteering as a Stepping Stone

Volunteering are a great way to discover your strengths, personal qualities, aspirations and ambitions that will enable you to overcome past hurts and difficulties, move on in life, and to adjust to change.  We know that it takes substantial time from having experienced a mental breakdown and having been ill for some time to being able to hold down a job or commitments.  When you feel ready we will help you look for employment or start education. We help you to write a CV or apply to College or University and we will support you through the transition phase to deal with mental health challenges you are bound to face at start.

Employment is your Destination

Looking for a new role can be exhausting and demoralising and this group keeps each other motivated.  Our members tell us that the transition phase from unemployment to taking on committments can be very challenging particularly at the early stages of adjusting to a new routine, demands and expectations, as well as getting used to relating to people in a different way.

When people move on they know that our door is always open when things become tougher again and some come back for a little ‘top up’ or a ‘check in’ with the group and with mentors.

Follow your Passion

If you are looking to study Art related subjects we will help you build a compelling portfolio evidencing your skills and creativity.  We will support you to enrol, prepare you for interviews, and through the first few weeks until you are settled in your course.

No matter how your age and circumstances, you are never too old to study Art.  The oldest person we have supported to enrol on art related courses and degrees was 56 at the time.  Today she is an accomplished community artists who has also exhibited abroad.  The youngest was 21 and it sparked her ambition to become an art therapist.

Arty-Folks serves as a Catalyst for Change

“I don’t think that people can really appreciate how good it is to be able to talk about mental health to people who know what you are going through.”

1:1 Wellbeing Coaching
You will be working with a Wellbeing Coach to establish a healthy weekly routine with meaningful activities including volunteering. You will be supported to  resolve non-medical aspects that affect your mental health and wellbeing such as finances, housing, weekly routine, as well as writing job applications and preparing for interviews.  All information remains confidential.

Peer Companionship
We human beings are social creatures and connecting to others is essential to our mental, physical, and social health.  Meet people with a shared experience of mental health challenges who will offer you companionship and encouragement on your recovery journey.  This shared understanding is liberating and reassuring at the same time.  The atmosphere amongst Peers is relaxing, sociable, everyone is very easy to talk to, but you can also just focus on your artwork.

Thanks to Groundworks UK we received European Social Funds to run New Perspectives in 2019/20 and again 2020/21.

Case Study

“I would like to say I have not been very successful at formal education but it would be a huge understatement.”

Thanks to Think Active people who attend New Perspectives in the Room can now also enjoy a wellbeing session before the art class starts.  It includes (safely distanced) guided meditation, yoga and stretching, that helps us feel refreshed, calm and more present.

We especially love eating a healthy lunch together and just chatting about ourselves, art, life, in fact ANYTHING as long as it’s not Covid-related.