Welcome to New Perspectives

For adults 18+ of working age in Coventry and Warwickshire who are not in any form of employment, education or training.

  • weekly 2hr art workshop in a small group of like-minded people
  • one-to-one mental health support to remove obstacles in your way
  • individual progression coaching to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions
  • art portfolio building for entry to College or University
  • personalised support to build your social confidence and access opportunities

You can attend IN-PERSON at our art studio in Coventry
and we will support you with transport costs
or ONLINE from the comfort of your home.

With a bit of help you might just achieve what you never thought possible!

Meet Liz, your Art Tutor

Liz will help you develop your creative skills and confidence and build a portfolio of art work for College or University.

“You are NEVER too old to study Art and follow your passion!
The oldest person we supported was 56 and the youngest 19!”

Meet Lorella, our 1:1 Coach

Lorella offers you 1:1 mental health and person-centred support to talk through what stands in your way to achieving your dreams and ambitions.

“There is always a way forward and we will support you to rekindle your human drive to explore, to learn, and against all odds to succeed!”

Meet Karen, your 1:1 support

Karen will support you 1:1 to take manageable and sustainable steps forward to fulfil your potential.

“I know first-hand how powerful and transformative art can be and when it goes hand in hand with the right mentoring it can really help you find your feet again.”

Success at last!

“I would like to say I have not been very successful at formal education but it would be a huge understatement!”

“I don’t think that people can really appreciate how good it is to be able to talk about mental health to people who know what you are going through.”

I lost everything!

“As the pandemic went on I realised I was regressing and becoming trapped again in my own home.”

“Art is a catalyst for self-development and personal change and we have witnessed people grow beyond the limitations of their medical diagnosis from the first workshop we ran in April 1996.”

Thanks to Groundworks UK and European Social Funds  New Perspectives is now in it’s 3rd year!