Art on Zoom

Unfortunately we had to stop for good the art group we used to run every Wednesday afternoon at Holyhead Studios.

The good news is that we have moved the group online and Art on Zoom now allows you to attend from the comfort of your own home and without any risk of Covid-19 infection.

To join our weekly Art on Zoom group
call our mobile 074 436 436 34
talk to us at the next Come Connect workshop.

See our Calendar for available dates.

Art on Zoom is

a weekly 2 hour art workshop for a small creative peer support group of people with a shared experience of mental health challenges

with 1:1 coaching and mentoring support to help you resolve wider issues affecting your mental health and hindering your recovery journey.

Art on Zoom is most definitely nothing like what you have experienced at school.

It is more like an art college where the most important thing is that you have an open mind to explore how Art can support your mental health and self-development. We offer you a safe and non-judgmental space to enjoy developing your creative confidence and discover what makes you tick.  The atmosphere is very relaxing, enjoyable and sociable, and you can also just focus on your artwork.

Art on Zoom will give you ‘me’-time to develop your skills and understanding through monthly projects where you will learn about a wide range of topics around art and mental health.   We will show you step by step how to express yourself through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, arts and crafts, animation, eco-art, etc. and nurture your personal and creative self-development.

With a bit of help you might just achieve what you never thought possible!

Art on Zoom also offers you 1:1 sessions with a Live Well Mentor and Coach who will help you work through issues that are affecting your mental health and are holding you back such as finances, housing, weekly routine, writing a CV, volunteering, employment, etc.

Our Mentors offer you a safe space to discuss any issues with complete confidentiality.

With support you will be able to rediscover your strengths, personal qualities, aspirations and ambitions that will enable you to overcome past hurts and difficulties, and to map your own way forward.

"I like the way art is linked to mental health. It is helping me to better understand how I feel and also to talk to other people about it."

Zoom or Room ?

Art on Zoom is definitely not the same as Art in a Room together with other people.

But Zoom does have its advantages too.  People who previously would not have come to our face-to-face workshops because of social anxiety disorders or physical health conditions are now able to join in.

August we reopened one face-to-face group, New Perspectives, but only for those who are seeking to start employment or education.

When this pandemic starts easing off we will continue building our creative programme both for online as well as in-person groups.

"At Arty-Folks everyone is in the same boat and that's liberating. I wouldn't miss it. It's the highlight of my week."

Knock! Knock!

Each month we run a new project with art materials you may already have around the house.  We will provide you with a materials list and funding allowing we will deliver art packs to your doorstep.

We have guests!

We invite local talents to share their creative skills with the group.  We have enjoyed fun and games with the wonderful Fabularium Theatre, creative writing with Theatre Absolute, sketchbook drawings with Coventry University and creating GIFs and animations with Sitting Rooms of Culture.

We are now creating a collective sculpture for Historic Coventry Trust and their partner Arup to put a funky glow into gloomy November days and ahead of a huge performance they are planning next year for Coventry City of Culture 2021.

Art for Coventry

17 members contributed to the artwork and after a few very long days and working into the night, all was completed in the nick of time!

Make sure you look out for the tiny icons that we are sure will make you smile.

These four paintings were created for Longford Primary Healthcare Centre by our members who attend Art on Zoom and New Perspectives group in time for World Mental Health Day 2020.

“Arty-Folks was my lifeline through lockdown. When my support workers suddenly stopped visiting me I fell to pieces. But you've pulled me through and I appreciate you went the extra mile to keep me motivated on my journey.”

Take a look at the amazing artwork members of Art on Zoom created during lockdown in this blog  Apart but Together

On March 23rd 2020, Covid-19 forced us to close our studio and stop running our four weekly art groups face-to-face.  But we did not shut down altogether.

We decided that not being able to be in the same space was not going to stop us doing what we love most – connecting and creating with our members.

We moved online and started running an exciting program of weekly projects with our members in small groups and we started to deliver monthly art packs to their doorstep across Coventry and Warwickshire.

A HUGE Thank You!

We could not have continued our service and achieved our digital transformation without the Covid-19 Emergency Grant from the Arts Council England.