Sweet Dreams?


We are exhibiting 18th-25th of May at Coventry Central Library our members mixed media work that allow us a glimpse through the landscape of our (un)restful sleep.

Mental Health Awareness Week is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/ and takes place from 18th to 24th of May 2020. This year the theme is ‘sleep’, the connections between our sleep – or lack of it – and mental health.

Our members will be starting to work on this project April onwards so keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram page.

Do you often work longer in the night? Do you spend a lot of time partying with friends into the early hours? Or do you have young children who often keep you awake at night?

How important is a good night’s sleep to how we function mentally?

With work, family and other life commitments, many of us just don’t get the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep. Having another coffee to get us through the day can sometimes become the norm.

But sleep has an important restorative function in ‘recharging’ the brain at the end of each day, just like we need to charge a mobile phone battery after prolonged use. Maintaining a regular sleep-wake cycle allows the natural rhythm of the body to be reset every day and therefore optimises brain functioning.

Ongoing poor sleep can be a huge risk factor for the development of major depressive disorder. The risk of developing or worsening existing anxiety and depression increases with the severity of insomnia, and so it is important to recognise and sort out sleep problems as soon as they are identified.

Some interesting (and short) youtube videos for you to check out



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