Spiralling for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

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We are delighted to invite you to ‘Spiralling’ an exhibition and installation of artwork created by members of Arty-Folks for Mental Health Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018 at Coventry Central Library, Smithford Way, Coventry CV1 1FY, open Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat 9am-4.30pm.

The Mental Health Foundation chose Stress as the theme for 2018 and describes it as feeling under abnormal pressure. This pressure can come from different aspects of your day to day life and it often has a cumulative effect, with each stressor building on top of one another.

Everyone experiences stress to some degree and it can sometimes be positive and help you perform better in certain situations. But it’s only beneficial if it is short-lived!  If stress is affecting your life seek support to tackle the issues fuelling it and at the same time find your own ways to de-stress.

Go for a walk, try meditation, yoga or tai-chi, or join Arty-Folks any Wednesday throughout the year 12.30-2.30 at Holyhead Studios (formerly known as Artspace), 16 Lower Holyhead Road, Coventry CV1 3AU, in Coventry City Centre just off Spon Street.

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We would like to hear your creative ways to manage stress using the hashtag #mycreativecalm across FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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