Off The Beaten Path

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To mark World Mental Health Day on the 10th October 2019 we are exhibiting our members artwork at Coventry Central Library and in a yet secret location outdoors in the city center.  So watch this space!

Coventry Central Library 7-20 October, normal opening times

These past few months members have used wax on canvas, inks and collage to explore the creative process inspired by the documentary ‘The creative brain’ by David Eagleman, you can find it on Netflix.  

Stepping out of their comfort zone, our members explored the transformative power of art for personal growth and change. Creativity is innately human and yet, with our busy lives we become so disconnected from our ability to imagine something new and that we can bring into existence.

“Arty-Folks is more than an art group; we are a community who support each other. Being involved with the project helped me to get through a very difficult time in my life when I was struggling with my mental health. Making artwork enabled me to connect with others in the group with similar experiences and to better understand my emotions. It has given me a sense of purpose, building my confidence and social skills.”

The last Jigsaw

Inspired by the American artist Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures our members have transformed single use plastics into colourful flowers that grow out of the last piece of a jigsaw. 

Everyone has a different story, however, certain feelings, like lack of self-worth and anxiety are universal, and can be shared through the discussions sparked by our artwork.

Coventry City Center 9-11 October, #offthebeatenpath to be announced on the 9th

Members’ exotic translucent flowers will light up a derelict and unused landscape in the city centre on two nights.   Our beautiful green planet is drowning in plastic but for once plastic will bring colour and beauty to a wasteland. Don’t miss it!

10th October, World Mental Health Day Focus: Suicide Prevention

Our life circumstances and experiences affect our mental well-being and
Arty-Folks offers a safe haven of peer-support when people need it most. Members come together in the group sessions, not just physically but emotionally, building strong and meaningful relationships.

There is not enough provision in the local community in Coventry for people who are living with mental health issues. If you know someone who is struggling please help them to access groups like Arty-Folks. 

You might just save their life. #artyfolks #offthebeatenpath

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