Willow workshop at Positive Images Festival 2018

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We are inviting you to a free willow weaving workshop at Coventry Central Library Smithford Way.   We will show you how to make a spiralling hanging basket for your garden which we hope will continue to remind you to relax and clear your mind in times of stress.

With this workshop we are raising awareness that derogatory language is still being used to describe people with mental ill health such as ‘basket case’.

Originally ‘Basket Case’ referred to WWI soldiers who had lost arms and legs and had to be carried in baskets by others.  To this day a ‘Basket Case’ is someone who is regarded as ‘useless’ in society, unable to help themselves and reliant on others.

Arty-Folks wants to challenge this stereotype because it is far from the truth!  People with mental ill health are keen to support others who are unwell in the community and give back through volunteering which then prepares them to return to studying, working, caring roles, and progress in life.

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