The Fine Art to Wellbeing

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We think about creativity as making something new and original, but in fact the root meaning of creativity means ‘to grow’. 

We run all our courses for adults who are experiencing mental health issues that are holding them back in the here and now.   This is not a training course for professional development.  

The Fine Art to Wellbeing follows on from Arty-Folks’ Art for Relaxation course, which will have provided you with foundation skills to make the most of this intermediate course.

This free 3 week course is designed to stretch your skills and understanding and suits people who are looking for alternative strategies to improve mental wellbeing.

Course Dates 2020:     November 9, 6, 23     (3x Mondays) 12.30-2.30

Course Dates 2021:     March 15, 22, 29     (3x Mondays) 12.30-2.30

It’s a practical course and suits any skills level as there is no right or wrong in the way we will create Art. During the three sessions you will explore how Art can help you look at things from a fresh perspective, to better understand your own thoughts and feelings, and map a different way forward.  We will guide you through creative exercises step by step and there is no pressure as there is no defined image you need to achieve by the end of the workshop.

What you will need:

  • good Internet connection/Wifi
  • mobile or laptop/PC with video and microphone
  • sheets of white A4 paper
  • pencil and rubber
  • colour pencils or felt tips
  • newspaper and/or magazine
  • glue (ideally a glue stick)
  • a comfortable and safe space you can work undisturbed

We will be using Zoom to bring you all to the workshop. Once you’ve enrolled we will email you a link you need to click when the session starts. You might be comfortable with Zoom now as you will have completed the Art for Relaxation course. However, if anxiety gets in the way again, please email and we will help you through.

Book your place:

The Fine Art to Wellbeing is an intermediate course and prepares for Arty-Folks’ weekly Zoom+Room or Employment support groups. On completion, you can discuss with Arty-Folks’ Live Well Mentor opportunities in Coventry and Warwickshire and what you would like to do next.

“This course definitely goes a little bit deeper but I felt safe in the group as I had already met them in the previous course. I got so much out of it, so many little gems of insight! It has rekindled my passion in art and in my own personal recovery journey.”

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